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The female was 380 to 400 mm (15.0 to 15.7 in), and was duller and browner than the male overall.

The juvenile was similar to the female, but without iridescence.

The Zenaida doves were instead shown to be related to the quail-doves of the genus Geotrygon and the Leptotila doves.It mainly inhabited the deciduous forests of eastern North America and was also recorded elsewhere, but bred primarily around the Great Lakes.The pigeon migrated in enormous flocks, constantly searching for food, shelter, and breeding grounds, and was once the most abundant bird in North America, numbering around 3 to 5 billion at the height of its population.A more extensive 2010 study instead showed that the passenger pigeon was most closely related to the New World Patagioenas pigeons, including the band-tailed pigeon (P.fasciata) of western North America, which are related to the Southeast Asian species in the genera Turacoena, Macropygia and Reinwardtoena.

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