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After trying to use Aborigines as a wedge to divide the coalition between the rural-backed Nationals and the city-backed Liberals, he said he was a uniter not a divider.Although Keating hated sport, he had a number of traits that would have gone down well in the crowd at a football game.Traditionally, the Australian media has refrained from reporting on a prime minister's private life.The general etiquette has been that if he or she has passed good policy then their private life should be irrelevant.His slogan of "Continuity and Change" was previously used by American sitcom as the writers said it embodied "the most meaningless election slogan we could think of." While targeting the apathetic voters helped Turnbull gain good figures in two-party preference polling, his neglect of the base resulted in a fracturing of his party as voters gravitated towards micro-parties who had left the fence to stand for something.Furthermore, while the apathetic voters may be easy come, they are also easy go and may easily seek an alternative government once a PM's haircut starts looking boring.It is debateable as to whether this should be the case.Many voters don't allocate their vote on the basis of a proposed policy; they allocate their vote on the basis of their values and how well the perceived values of the leader of the major parties reflects their values.

As a leader, Keating was a travesty and the polarised society he created is yet to be reconciled.

For example, after leading Australia to recession, unemployment, and 17 % interest rates, he fought an election on the slogan "jobs not GST." After alienating himself from Asia by saying they were the countries that you fly over on the way to Europe and calling the Malaysian PM a "recalcitrant", he argued that Asian leaders would never work with anyone except him.

After appealing to voter self-interest in regards to fear of a new tax, he argued that he made Australians less selfish and more community minded.

Australia's prime ministers have been quite an eclectic bunch.

They have suffered from an assortment of physical deformities, uttered some "colourful" phrases and, on the sly, shown that they have somewhat of liking for debauched behaviour.

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