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Today you can walk the length of the walls and enjoy views of a still divided community, despite years of the Peace Process.Okay, "enjoy" might not be the first word those actually part of these communities might have in mind, but you get the point.The Siege of Derry is one of the defining moments of Ulster and Irish history.The "Maiden City" myth, of defenses having never been breached, and honor having never been defiled by an uncouth stranger, arose.

Being neither downright ugly nor exceptionally beautiful and despite sporting a number of museums, Derry is the sort of town you "use", not "visit".

Need a friend to share causal time; catch a movie or bite to eat and conversation.

Dear visitors, we decided to create this site to give Albanians everywhere the chance to communicate among each other.

During this episode of the Williamite Wars, the approaching army looked a sure winner, and the soldiers tasked to defend the city decided to hasten the inevitable, therewith gaining a few concessions.

Or so the plan went, until the more firebrand variety of local Protestantism took over.

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