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She became an amateur entertainer at a young age, singing gospel songs with her older sister, Robyn Bernard (also an actress, who played, "Terry Brock," on General Hospital, 1984-1990).One recording of the two that has survived from those years is a song called, "The Monkey Song" (an objection to evolution), on, Feudin' Fussin' and Frettin, a recording of a 1972 Thomas Road Baptist Church service led by Jerry Falwell. Jerry Wayne Bernard, with whom Bernard still travels and sings gospel music.I see myself behaving better and more giving." A former relationship was something out of "True Romance," she nods knowingly. "We actors have to be conscious of ourselves, there's vanity involved. There's something that's not appealing to me about myself that I try to get away from. To see that in others, that doesn't feel like home to me." Though she's seemingly gregarious, Bernard confesses she's a closet introvert. There's a fear that always goes on inside - I don't know what it is, it's not dishonesty. I'm allowed, given permission, to feel whatever is there and however I want to feel it." Bernard's father was an evangelist who left the church early on."Talk about soul mates - everything in the books, and the white horse, and all. But she traveled with him singing gospel most of her childhood and teen years.Jodie and Cydney have two children together and share joint custody of Charlie Bernard Foster, 14, and Kit Bernard Foster, 11.

Radar has done some research and found out seven things you may not have known about Jodie’s ex., starring Jodie and Richard Gere.

During the 21st century, her work includes a role in the film, Jackpot, and starring roles in Welcome to Paradise, and Grave Misconduct.

She has also starred in two Hallmark Channel TV-movies, Single Santa Seeks Mrs. She also starred in an unsold, 1989 TV-series pilot, Chameleons, created by Glen A. She played Shelley,a self-proclaimed crazed heiress who discovers that her eccentric millionaire uncle Jason Carr has been murdered.

She's always a bride and never a bridesmaid - at least on TV.

17, when she stars as the fiancee of young Nick Claus who is following in his father's footsteps as gift-giver to the world.

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