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Of course, just using the image of a dog or baby or duck doesn’t mean instant success.“Neuromarketing is a very complicated field,” says Christophe Morin, co-founder of San Francisco-based Sales Brain, a neuromarketing agency, and co-author of “Neuromarketing: Understanding the Buy Buttons in Your Customer’s Brain” (Nelson; .99).Morin believes it’s the oldest part of the brain — the reptilian — that wins out ultimately in influencing decisions.This is the primal, most survival-centric part of our brain.That’s why in one image the dog on Silverman Acampora’s website is looking toward a button that says “read more,” which the viewer may not even consciously realize they are being directed toward.“We speak to everything below the conscious fold,” says Bloomfield, who founded her company in the United Kingdom in 1996 as Bloomfield Marketing and relocated it to Long Island 11 years ago, recently rebranding it as The Marketing Boutique.

Acampora says the site is now a better reflection of the firm’s personality.

Bloomfield believes it’s the limbic system, or emotional core of the brain, that is the key influencer, but believes the reptilian brain also plays a role.

“The reptilian brain is the fastest and drives the initial impulse; our limbic system then collects or processes the emotions and interprets them,” she says.

She also included other items, such as an envelope labeled “Conflict Avoidance Device.” Inside was a door hanger that said “CPA Meltdown In Progress — Enter at Your Own Risk.” The mailing generated a 45.7 percent response rate, way above industry norms.

“For us neuromarketing has been a game-changer,” says Anthony Acampora, partner-in-charge at the law firm.

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So with Silverman Acampora, by developing the dog mascot, “I trigger the nurture response in people,” she says, noting that if we see something cute and furry or a baby, we’ll look at it 20 percent longer than at something else. An image with just a baby will draw the viewer’s eyes to the baby itself.

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