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Larger transformers can tolerate overload for longer periods of time until they also cut themselves out of the grid.When a transformer cuts itself out of the grid, the corresponding customers are either blacked out or are supplied via another transformer thus increasing the load on that transformer and potentially causing it also to cut out.from solar panels on the roof, they can notify the utility if there is an outage and they can monitor the voltage and phase of the power for load analysis purposes.They can also receive information from the utility, e.g.Figure 1 shows how electric power is generated at a bulk generating station, passes through a step up transformer at a generation substation, and is sent over long distances on the transmission network.When it reaches a city, it passes through a step down transformer at a distribution substation and is distributed to residential and commercial customers along feeder lines, to which customers are connected sometimes using more transformers.control signals to switch the customers loads (e.g.

Demand side management is therefore a key element in building a smart grid, Saffre and Gedge (2010).That is a capital saving of 0bn to the electric power industry and a revenue opportunity of 0bn for those who contribute to building and operating the smart grid.In addition, bn of government stimulus funding is available for smart grid projects in USA.Each link in this network has its own capacity limits and upgrade costs, transformers being particularly important since they have a high capital cost.Small transformers overheat rapidly when overloaded and their temperature sensors cut them out of the grid.

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