Olivia wilde dating justin timberlake

‘Justin and Olivia were there with a group, but weren’t talking to anyone else,’ the source revealed.

Fans will also enjoy fun facts about the former N'Sync member and cute pics of young Justin Timberlake.

Murphy is a great actor and I would have been interested to see the debate about right and wrong become greyed through some thinking. The film ending is unrealistic and I wonder if this was the ending envisioned by Niccol or the ending the producers wanted to boost sales.

An observer told Us Weekly: ‘They were dancing, whispering, he had his hand on her back and shoulders, and they were together all night.’ Eyewitnesses told the magazine that the flirty couple were out with Sam Ronson and a group of others, but that they were more interested in each other.

The pair partied together at Los Angeles celebrity haunt Roxbury on Saturday night, causing a buzz among clubbers.

The rumoured new couple wore matching outfits - white T-shirts and jeans - on the night out.

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