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Later the experts confirmed partial damage in the national and local TV towers.

Seismic B-types had been used successfully to predict eruptions on other volcanoes.These have occurred before about four-fifths of the explosions at Galeras, and the number of tornillo events recorded before an eruption is also correlated with the size of the ensuing eruption.More than 100 minor tremors were felt during a major eruption in April 2002, although no damage or injury was reported.Other eruptions similar to this event include those in 3150 BC ± 200 years, 2580 BC ± 500 years, 1160 BC ± 300 years, 490 BC ± 100 years, and in 890 AD ± 200 years.Typically these eruptions consist of a central vent explosion, conducive to an explosive eruption causing pyroclastic flows and/or lahars.

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The volcano has continued to be well-studied, and predictions of eruptions at the volcano have improved.

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