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— Researchers have pinpointed the date of what could be the oldest solar eclipse yet recorded. 30, 1207 BC, is mentioned in the Bible, and could have consequences for ...— Genetic analysis of a pre-Norman skull unearthed in a garden in Suffolk has added to a growing body of evidence that East Anglia may have been the epicentre of an epidemic of leprosy that spread ...21 have reconstructed the prehistory of humans on the continent, ...— A new article outlines how the urban design of the city of Teotihuacan differed from past and subsequent cities, only to be rediscovered and partially modeled on many centuries later by the ...his is a companion file for the Transitional Fossils FAQ and is part of the Fossil Horses FAQs.

But the 3,500-year-old treasures include their most stunning historical ...— Fanged kangaroos -- an extinct family of small fanged Australian kangaroos -- might have survived at least five million years longer than previously thought. — Researchers who've examined genetic evidence from mitochondrial DNA provide evidence that two groups of indigenous people in Canada, known as the Maritime Archaic and Beothuk, brought different ...— Gold has long been valued for its luxurious glitter and hue, and threads of the gleaming metal have graced clothing and tapestries for centuries. — A new study has demonstrated how the latest aerial thermal imagery is transforming archaeology due to advancements in technology.Today's thermal cameras, commercial drones and photogrammetric ...— Analysis of Iron Age textiles indicates that during c.

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