Updating bios on hp a520n

It's good enough to do high end audio processing for my Amateur Radio digital communications- with an external USB Sound Blaster.The laptop stays pretty busy, but hasn't hiccoughed yet.(Wine even runs World of Warcraft- though very slowly) Installing Ubuntu 10.04 and running it on this machine with no problem.) The ' No 3D capability found' hard-coded into PClinux OS control center is still maddening, tho.Also I did not for quite some time catch on that you shouldn't just install anything that looks interesting in Synaptic - like, stuff for gnome when you're using kde or vice-versa - I suspect caused me some problems somewhere with some programs.anybody out there with some advice on how to tweak my version of ubuntu without decimating a crappy laptop? NOT for your first linux distro, that's for sure. Simply Mepis is the ONLY one I've found that works flawlessly out of the box. I believe actually the splashy errors on Mepis were on one of my desktops, an HP Pavilion 6000-something whose hard drive I have since moved to a Pavilion a520n but beat my head against the wall with it for probably all together a solid week and it sits in the corner until I have the time to mess with it again.I wanted best security but SElinux constantly locked ME out WTF and I certainly didn't appreciate the condescention one bit. And WOW, PClinux OS forum is JUST THE ABSOLUTE BEST!!!!!!!!!!! Most would run okay, but had all kinds of trouble getting the wireless to work. It had splashy errors in Crunchbang as well, after running for a month or so. PClinux OS 2010 kde installed fine and I ran it for about six months but only for about a month at a time, when it would begin freezing constantly, to the point where I could not get any work done.I tried different distros (Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, Fedora, etc…), but none gave me any love. Then, I noticed a little blue symbol on the F2 key that looked like an antenna. I too had a difficult time with wireless configuration.On each distro, I installed bcm43xx-fwcutter and used ndiswrapper to install the WLAN 1450 driver from Dell's website. I tried using different network managers, like WICD, WPAGUI, etc, etc. I have a dell d600 laptop and added the b43legacy firmware and spent a long time trying to understand my problem (wicd could not obtain IP address).

my BIOS version needs updating, i can't even change the language.

i got card working by using a program for broadcom. not that familiar with the os but seems to work great.

i cant seem to get my audio working, I dont know what snd-intel8x0 is nor how to get it nor how to install it i have evrything else working but audio.

HP shows your PC shipped with Windows 8.1 but you are running Windows 10 so the correct update is not available when using Windows 10.

Don't know why HP does this as I don't work for HP.

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