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“Something about rebuilding my foundation from the ground up as I take my life back now.”Concurrently, Stone says she and daughter Diamond are rebuilding their relationship after the pair’s fight this past March -- during which Stone reportedly knocked out Diamond’s front teeth -- drew blaring headlines. Angie Stone, "The Art of Love & War" “As a mom, I’m always ready to heal and love,” says Stone.

“That intervention has brought about peace and a level of respect.

“I thought about my relationship with D’Angelo, how people judged me being older, him being younger.

People at the time just didn’t understand pure love; they just didn’t get it.

Like any singer worth their title, Stone turned to the recording studio and exorcised her demons on wax.

The result is the introspective and honest album , which is out on Friday, November 6.

In this readers’ poll issue, we celebrated the winners of Artists of the Year, Band of the Year, Album of the Year, Single of the Year, Best Video, Best Dressed, Best Tour and Biggest Hype: the Backstreet Boys.

The debate over voting machines, as well as a destructive computer virus and the implosion, brought into question our growing reliance on technology in the new millennium.

A national run is scheduled to kick off in January 2016.

Despite a resumé that includes a stint with Sugar Hill’s pioneering female rap trio Sequence (“Funk You Up”), two gold albums, three Grammy Awards nominations and creative collaborations with Mary J.

Blige, D’Angelo, Stevie Wonder and others, Angie Stone was ready to give up on music.“I wanted to quit,” says Stone, "because I was tired of the repetitive cadence of being an artist; of having to prove yourself over and over again.

One day it might be ' Karma', and other days it is ' Stay For A While' Angie Stone I'm the type of woman you might say is too good.

I'll massage a man's feet, have dinner cooked when he gets home.

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Stone adds that Michael, whom she calls “an exceptional rapper,” has a distribution deal on the table as well.

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